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As Balco is responsible for the entire process from development to approved final installation, you can benefit from our experience throughout. If we feel that something can be made even better, we do not rest until we have found a solution. We have therefore filed a number of unique patents over the years. These are all included when you choose to work with us.

Clever technical solutions – our own Patents

Tolerant infästning. Balco patent


The telescopic fixing allows us to compensate for any deviations in a building.
Read more about the telescopic fixing

Balco Twin lucka. Balco patent

Twin® - Two systems in one

Open up the whole balcony or fold in an individual pane at any point along the track – all with remarkably little effort. Simply use the handle concealed discreetly in the window frame.
Read more about Twin®

Balco Vision-vikglaslucka utan ram. Balco patent


Vikglasluckor utan ram i kombination med glashörn ger intrycket av en hel glasyta.
Read more about Vision®

Balco Climate


Climate™ is a glazing solution with two separate sheets of glass in the parapet – clear glass on the outside and heatabsorbing glass on the inside. Solar-powered fans sit between the glass at the bottom. The column of air between the glass is heated by the sun and when the fans start, the warm air is forced up inside the parapet.
Read more about Climate™

Balco CleanLine- dräneringssystem. Balco patent.


The water is collected in the window track and directed down to the ground via channels integrated into the aluminium frame. 
Read more about CleanLine®

Balco Vista™ - Ger nya perspektiv.


Vista®'s glazed corners give the balcony a great panoramic view and a modern architectural look.
Read more about Vista®

Balco Access - Ett unikt inglasningssystem.


A unique glazing system specially designed for access balconies.
Read more about Access®

Balco Ventech-ventilation. Balco patent.


All our balconies have built-in ventilation –VentTec® – to reduce condensation, uncomfortable heat gain and safeguard the building’s existing ventilation system. What is more, reserve drainage is integrated into the system, which is also pre-prepared for the fitting of roller blinds.
Read more about VenTec®


Complete solution

With Balco, you get a reliable, stable partner through the whole construction process, from the first tentative questions to the final warranty inspection.

Can you afford not to?

There are many important reasons why you should invest in glazed balconies from Balco.

  • Less Corrosion
  • The risk of frost damage is eliminated
  • Reduced energy consuption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Noise reduction
  • Higher property value
  • Fewer people move out
  • Increased security
  • Better indoor climate
  • An extra space

Do you want to know more about glazed and open balconies?

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