Balconies & Balcony Railings

In our comprehensive range of open balconies, you can find railings, canopies and screen walls. We also have cost-effective solutions for supplementary glazing of existing balconies and access balconies. All with the same high quality that you find in our glazing systems.


Many different profiles, all made of light and maintenance-free aluminium.



Choose between many different profiles.

Access balcony railings

Whatever your needs, we have railing to suit. Our access balcony railings, also known as entrance balconies, has railing frame ready equipped with one of our standard handrails.

French Balustrade


Protects against cold and heat, whichever design you choose.


Standard roof with braces

Standard roof with braces anchored in the steel posts.

Standard roof with vertical supports

Standard roof with vertical supports fixed to the balcony floor.

Cantilever roof

Cantilever roof fixed directly into the wall.

Cantilever roof

Cantilever roof fixed directly into the steel posts.


Forms a divider and protects from wind and weather.

Separating screen

The wall between two balconies

Side screen

The outside wall of the balcony

High side screen

High side screen on the outside wall of the balcony

Supplementary glazing

With our balconies, residents can alter the balcony environment themselves - now and in the future – by having supplementary glazing added. Upon being glazed in, new loads are added to the railing however. So, if it is likely that glazing will be wanted in the future, you simply need to buy a system that is able to be glazed in later.

Floor module

Existing, extended or brand new.

Fixing system

The patented telescopic fixing makes it possible to compensate for any deviations in a building.

Complete fixing system

Patented and unique to Balco.

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