Balcony and facade renovation

Are you sitting on a death trap? The outdoors environment exposes the concrete in open balconies to a great deal of stress. Often residents have no idea how dramatically this can affect the balcony's safety and lifespan.

What impact does moisture on the concrete of open balconies have?

Exposed to the elements, the paint on an open balcony will eventually be made to peel, leading to permanent moisture in the concrete. When the concrete base becomes more acidic the reinforcement iron rusts; cracks form and frost causes pieces of concrete to come off. This is often seen at the edges and corners of a balcony.

Renovation every 15 years

External stresses mean that an open balcony should be repaired every fifteen years. A regular concrete renovation will ensure your balcony is restored to its original state but this is an expensive and time-consuming procedure that will need to be repeated within a few years.


Good to know about open balconies:

  • How often balconies should be renovated is shown in the maintenance plan. For safety it is important that it is followed.
  • If you are unsure of the balcony's condition you can perform a condition inspection of the concrete base and balustrade. Please contact Balco if you want to know more.
  • Sometimes the renovation need is visible to the naked eye, but not always. Look for peeling paint and crack formations on the concrete base.


The paint is peeling and moisture from entering the concrete slab.

The Balco method

— a smarter way to refurbish balconies

Many residential areas face major and costly refurbishment needs; not only with regards to the balconies but also the property’s facade, windows and doors. Now there is a real alternative to traditional short-term renovation. The Balco method is a cost effective, long-lasting way to handle refurbishment needs. Replacing existing open balconies with new, glazed balconies, not only increases comfort and usability but also reduces the need for the future maintenance of balconies, facades, windows and doors.

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A good investment

Balco’s glazed balcony systems offer an energy-smart investment. The air gap created between the glazing and the façade of the building is equivalent to 5cm of traditional additional insulation. The air is also warmed up before it reaches the apartment. In a property where the glazing covers 2/3 of the facade’s area there are proven energy savings of almost 20 per cent. With our energy technology solution, Balco Climate Wall, the energy savings are even greater.

Balco Climate Wall

By covering the entire facade with an integrated glazing system, you achieve the best possible results in terms of insulation. Glazed balconies function as climate proofing shells for the property, resulting in lower energy costs, less need for renovation and reduced noise from the surroundings. We call this complete solution Balco “climate wall”.
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The Balco method

This is what we do

  • We remove existing open balconies.
  • We put up completely new balcony bases, which is where the majority of clients also choose to have bigger balconies.
  • The balconies get an integrated glazing which provides a climate-proofing environment for up to 50 years.


  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Windows and doors do not need to be replaced since they are in a protected environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption (glazing is the equivalent of 5 cm of additional insulation).
  • Reduced noise, greater usability and increased value.


The Balco method compared with typical balcony renovation

  The Balco method Usual renovation
Facade All old balcony bases and balustrades are removed. New balcony bases made of steel and concrete are installed. Integrated glazings protect the balconies, including, concrete, facades, windows and doors, from weather conditions and the users themselves choose whether the balcony is open or enclosed. All problems linked to weather conditions are resolved once and for all. Balustrades are maintained and the concrete bases renovated on top and underneath. Facades, windows and doors must also be replaced or maintained, since they are exposed to weather conditions every day. The walls may possibly require additional insulation.
Maintenance economy The integrated glazings make balconies as well as facades, windows and doors free from maintenance for up to 50 years. Loan/budgets frameworks can be adapted according to this. This type of maintenance must be performed at least every fifteen years and be accommodated within loan/budget frameworks..
Energy saving Great improvement. The integrated glazing is equivalent to approx. 5 cm of additional insulation resulting in an energy saving of up to 20%, in line with public recommendations, concerning energy saving in residential environments. No improvement.
Noise Substantial noise reduction, up to 21 dB. No improvement.
Function Great improvement, increased control of the indoor climate. Slight improvement.
Usability The balcony can be used throughout the whole year. None or little improvement.
Aesthetics Improvements to the façade offer an aesthetic lift. Unchanged.
Value increase Glazed balconies make the apartment more attractive and easier to sell. This contributes to a higher market value which makes the investment profitable in the long term. Little improvement.
Summary Big impact on energy saving, maintenance needs, economy, noise, function and usability. Reduction in the need for future investments in facades and windows resulting in a boost in the value of the propert. Usual balcony renovation must be performed regularly and is therefore a continuous financial burden. No energy saving or improvement of function, noise, usability, living area, sun and light conditions. Therefore, no increase in the value of the property.

* These results are obtained from a study by Ramböll, Scandinavia’s leading construction consultants (The report “Balco, technical studies of balcony glazing – The impact of carbonation and reinforcement corrosion”). According to the consultations at Ramböll, there are a number of good reasons to invest in glazed balconies from Balco as an alternative to traditional balcony and concrete renovation.


Can you afford not to?

There are many important reasons why you should invest in glazed balconies from Balco.

  • Less Corrosion
  • The risk of frost damage is eliminated
  • Reduced energy consuption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Noise reduction
  • Higher property value
  • Fewer people move out
  • Increased security
  • Better indoor climate
  • An extra space

Do you want to know more about glazed and open balconies?

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