Drainage System

Drainage may not be the first thing you think about with a glazed balcony, but it is definitely one of the most important features. The right choice of drainage system keeps the frontage looking fresh and clean for longer, since clever drainage stops the formation of ugly drip marks from rain and dirty water. We have therefore developed our own patented system to lead water away along concealed channels. This may mean a higher initial cost, but it quickly pays for itself.


Patented drainage system that effectively reduces the risk of dirty streaks caused by water running down the parapet cladding.

Minimised risk of water being driven inside the balcony during high winds and simultaneous underpressure on the balcony. The water is collected in the lower window track and directed along horizontal channels out to the corner posts. Along the posts’ internal channels, the water is then led, floor by floor, down to the underside of the lowest balcony. Extra safety drainage is integrated into the bottom profile of the balcony section to ensure safe drainage of the floor module if someone forgets to close the windows during rain.

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