The choice of frontage determines how the balcony is perceived and functions inside and out. In addition to high quality, all our options offer gently rounded profiles and the absence of unnecessary metal parts, rivets and sealant. We also secure the parapet cladding to the front edge of the bottom profile, giving you a balcony about 100 mm deeper. All the parapets have built-in fixings for Balco’s window boxes just below the sturdy rail.


Vista's® glazed corners give the balcony a great panoramic view and a modern architectural look.

From the inside:
The glazed corners provide the balcony with light and space while also opening up an unobstructed view from the inside. The corners are provided with glass that lets in the maximum amount of light. Can be complemented with pleated blinds.

From the outside:
The glazed corners are a unique patented design that gives the balcony a modern architectural look. Vista® is also available with self-cleaning glass. The frames are easily changed from the inside of the balcony.
It is perfectly possible to complement with several different Balco systems.

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