When choosing a window, it is important to think about how the glazed-in balcony needs to work. Do you want the balcony to open fully? From floor to ceiling? Or is the ability to shut out wind and rain the most attractive feature? Do the windows need to be cleanable from inside? Answering these few questions will make choosing the windows easier. And if you want everything in one package – choose Balco Twin®!


With our patented and unique Twin® window, you get two systems in one for maximum flexibility and the option of opening up the whole balcony.

The elegantly designed window can be opened like a normal sliding window or folded in. Twin® is simple and straightforward to operate, without any need for a strong grip or special tools. All it takes is a light grip on the window frame to slide the window to the side and when you want to fold it in, simply use the handle concealed discreetly in the window frame (optional accessory). Another unique function is the ability to fold in an individual pane at any point along the track, which is great when you want to clean your windows or chat to your neighbours. 


Remote control (cannot be added at a later date)

For greater user comfort we offer motorised windows and roller blinds as an optional extra. Using the remote control supplied, the resident can easily open and close the balcony windows without leaving the comfort of their chair. The blinds can also be moved up and down at the press of a button.


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Balco Air Twin®




Folding glass without frame

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