Open Balconies & Balcony Railings

Our balcony railing products are extremely high quality and meet all of the industry’s requirements on safety and function.

All of or balcony railings can be supplied in a colour of your choice, as a standard according to the RAL scale, and for a supplement also according to NCS. The rail frames are made entirely of aluminium and then equipped with various coverings. Options include stucco-embossed aluminium sheet; perforated aluminium sheets in a number of different patterns; and safety glass in frames or without vertical profiles, both with or without colouring. Laminate installed in frames is also available in a number of different standard colours and grid pins to provide a more open feeling. In addition to this, we offer supplemental products such as divider screens, both fire-graded and regular, French railings and balcony canopies.

We can also offer forged steel railings for both indoor and outdoor stairways and balcony railings.

In addition to balcony railings, we provide a broad range of balcony accessories.

Balconies & Balcony Railings

We market, develop, project plan, produce and carry out the entire balcony railing contract until the balconies are installed and finished. Our wide range of products includes everything from basic railings to more complex and innovative solutions. Everything is extremely high quality. We also offer a railing that is ready to be glazed in, allowing residents to alter their balcony environment themselves.

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Steel balconies are both elegant and stylish in appearance. A steel balcony has the advantage of being flexible in terms of ultimate shape and design, which means it can be made to fit perfectly with any property.
The steel balcony is not only the preferred choice where design is concerned, it is also popular as a maintenance free option, allowing residents to spend more time with family and friends.

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