Balco’s Mustache Battle!

December 1, 2016

Our mustaches has reached their final Movember-form and it’s time to shave (at least for some of us). We’re proud sponsors to Mustaschkampen , “The mustache battle” and it’s been a privilege to contribute to men’s health and to spread joy with our mustaches!

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We asked our participants what’s been the worst / best when growing their mustaches. Here’s some of our favorites quotes;


“The best thing was all the longing and admiring glances from the ladies and all the envious glances from all men who do not have my genes for facial hair”


“I kind of like it!”


“Worst thing when “growing” my mustache was when I had to shave it off, somehow we had created a bond between us that cannot be described … it was something completely new for me.”


“ha, you look like Günther”


“- One step closer looking like my idol…. Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)”


“- The majestic awesomeness that a mustache exudes.”


Balco’s female contribution to The Mustache Battle

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Europe's biggest name in balconies | Balco
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