Balco UK invests in Electric Vehicles.

In line with the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, Agenda 2030, Balco Group
made a commitment to share regular, fair and transparent information on how we accept
today’s sustainability challenges and work to drive change within our industry.

For us this means continuous and incremental changes. One of these changes was to
decrease our emissions from travel and transportation. So, we’re proud to announce that our
entire fleet at Balco UK HQ in Somerset, UK is now powered by electricity.

Reduced fuel and energy consumption

Balco UK’s Managing Director, Tristan Bennett said: “Balco has a sustainability ethos
running through the very core of business. In 2017 we took on our first PHEV and
closely monitored its real world performance in terms of reduced fuel and energy
consumption. The results were very encouraging and today our entire fleet is in
transition towards full electrification.”

Electric vehicles

In total, Balco UK has four EVs (electric vehicles) and two PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric
vehicles). Vehicles using electricity are proven to considerably reduce air pollution, and
fully electric cars produce no carbon dioxide emissions at all when driving.

“Over the past 12 months we estimate to have reduced our Co² tailpipe emissions by
over 4 tons, helped in part by our office chargers being fed 100% certified renewable
electricity.” Tristan Bennett, MD

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