New graphics profile gives us a creative framework

As we grow, there is a need for a uniform graphical expression that is easily accessible. We have therefore chosen to update and adjust our graphics design language. We’re happy to finally be able to share some of what we’ve done and why.

We have updated our logo, colours, fonts and design language in our images and drawings. We didn’t want to lose our heritage in the process, so we’ve focused on capturing the essence of what Balco has always been. We are still the same Småland balcony company, but a bit better equipped for the future.

New Graphics Profile by Balco Balconies

Our history is still shaping us
In the spring of 1987, Lasse Björkman heard about plans to build 500 balconies in Växjö.
“I can do that,” Lasse thought to himself, and took his drawing and biked down to the project in town. This was our first project and the beginning of Balco’s journey.

• We have been using drawing as a tool ever since and we are now giving it even more space in representing Balco. Drawing can be used to create abstract patterns, but also describe our methods or projects.

• Our identifying colour remains yellow, but we have now added a new complementing palette. The colour palette is based on colour pairs, where each colour has a pal.

• Our fonts have also been replaced to better interact with our tonality and graphical expression. Our main font is Barlow, used in combination with Adobe Caslon.

• Our logo has been adjusted to facilitate wider use. We have restructured the elements of the logo and decreased the number of variants available.

All the various components, such as the logo, colour palette, typography and graphical elements, keep our communication consistent and make us easily recognisable wherever we are seen.

New graphics profile – A creative framework

Our new design language gives us opportunities for creative expression within a consistent structure. It will give us the right conditions for maintaining our design language and at the same time, give us space for creative freedom. With this, we are looking forward to continuing our growth as a leading player in the balcony industry.

Balco is the market leader in open and glazed balcony systems.

Balco is the market leader in open and glazed balcony systems. Contact one of our sellers to get fast, personalized service.

We manage the entire balcony process for you

Balco is the market leader in an industry where we develop, manufacture, sell and are responsible for the installation of our own manufactured open and glazed balcony systems. Our balcony systems are used in new builds, renovations and to upgrade existing balconies. Our broad customer segment includes tenant-owner associations, municipal housing companies, private property owners, architects and developers. Our headquarters and in-house production facilities are in the Småland city of Växjö in southern Sweden, and we have subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

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