About us

We love balconies!

We might as well make it clear from the start: We love balconies! Initially we had few resources, but you can go a long way on enthusiasm and hard work. Today, we are market leaders, with our open and glazed balcony systems in demand right across Europe. We are also proud that our innovative solutions and elegant designs have helped to increase quality of life for a large number of people.

Just for you

For us, it’s not just about the final result. We want you to feel confident in our abilities from the first contact. Every project therefore only involves one salesman and one project manager – your contacts at all times.

Sustainable product

Balco has its production in modern and efficient premises at the Swedish headquarters in Växjö. The production is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2, making Balco unique in the industry. It involves a high level of quality throughout all areas of production and to Balco takes great respect for the environment. The production is used only electricity coming from renewable sources..

We are therefore happy to help you through the whole construction process, from the first tentative questions to the final warranty inspection. High quality and our years of experience combined with sound and solid finances make us a reliable and stable partner.

Personal Data Processing (GDPR)

Integrity is important to Balco and, as a customer, supplier, partner or job applicant, you should feel secure in submitting your personal data to us. Balco is open in disclosing information about how your personal data is processed when you enter into a business relationship with us.

Balco Balcony Systems Ltd, The Waggon House, Prockters Farm West Monkton, Taunton TA2 8QN, United Kingdom, company registration no. 5280899 (Balco) is the controller of personal data.

Learn more about how we handle collected data by clicking here.

Quality certification ensures

A glazed balcony is a major investment that should provide pleasure and use for many years. It is therefore vital that the products maintain high levels of quality and that the supplier is financially sound.

Every year the global agency Dun & Bradstreet performs a credit assessment of Swedish companies. Over the last ten years we have achieved the highest credit rating – AAA.

Balco Patent Logotyp

This symbol shows that the solution is unique to Balco. We have around 40 patents on small details which make the finished product so much better.

ISO certifiering

Our ISO 9001 certification means that you get a quality assured product / service that meets the demands you may ask. ISO 14001 means that our production in an environmentally considerate manner.

Nordic Balcony Association’s symbol. We are members undertake to follow the association’s guidelines regarding delivery of safe balconies of high technical quality.

Balco´s balcony railings and glazing systems became CE-certified in 2013 in accordance with EN-1090-1, by Nordcert. Nordcert are an independent certification body who work with manufacturers of Composite steel and aluminum components. Nordcert´s certifications grant Balco the right to label all products with their officially assigned number, CE / 1505, and the use of the CE logo.