AluTwo, a unique balcony solution

AluTwo is one of Balco’s fully recyclable open balcony systems. Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility, and constructed using an attachment system that supports with tension rods.
Suitable for new builds, renovations and retrofitting to existing buildings, we have a suitable AluTwo balcony solution for every building. Guaranteeing durability, practicality and a high quality finish, AluTwo is a truly bespoke modular system.


Choose from a wide range of RAL colours

Available in a wide range of RAL colours, AluTwo can be customised specifically for each project with a choice of balustrade and floor tile options.

AluTwo – in detail


The AluTwo system allows you to combine a classic handrail design with clear glass, opaque glass or vertical bar balustrades. The handrail has been specifically designed to compliment the simple and sophisticated style of the balcony. For a completely unique finish, classic RAL colours can be chosen for the handrails and vertical bars, while the glass options can be tinted or coloured.


Clear glass balustrade


Perforated metal balustrade


Verticle bar balustrade


Opaque glass balustrade

Floor tiles

AluTwo comes with a tiled floor of concrete paving stones. The plates have been carefully sandblasted to allow the natural stone ballast in the plate to appear. Thanks to our manufacturing method, the plate has a unique colour resistance. The plates are 400 x 400 x 40 mm in size and available in three colour shades. Balco enables different types of floorings. We are happy to discuss with you which floor type is best suited for your particular project.






Warm glimmer


Always designed with drainage management in mind, AluTwo has a hidden system in the balcony for optimal rainwater drainage. The water flows discreetly underneath the stone slabs, allowing it to move into the drainage pipe via a gutter in the balcony frame. This is connected to the building’s drainage system or to a drainage pipe that ensures the balcony water is properly managed.


he balcony system is available in twelve different sizes. You can choose between four different widths and three depths, each in convenient increments of 400mm.

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