3 tips for your balcony

Spring is finally here, which means that many people will start to spend more time on their balconies. As the days are getting warmer and the evenings longer, we want

Balco UK invests in Electric Vehicles.

In line with the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, Agenda 2030, Balco Groupmade a commitment to share regular, fair and transparent information on how we accepttoday’s sustainability challenges and

Balco helps customers improve their energy efficiency

Balco is moving to a new level and has hired an energy strategist, thus taking a major step towards helping our customers with sustainability issues. Nisse Larsson, who is to

Balco Group takes large order of 103 MSEK

Balco Group takes large order of 103 MSEK and writes cooperation agreements of approximately 250 MSEK. Balco Group has received an order for 103 MSEK for balcony and facade renovation

Balco Group updates its financial targets.

Balco Group’s Board of Directors has decided to update the Group’s financial targets. A new target for earnings per share replaces the previous margin target, the dividend policy is adjusted

Merry Christmas & happy new year

Merry Christmas & happy new year greetings from Balco UK

Balco investing in solar panels.

Balco is expanding its head office in Växjö. As a part of the expansion project, the Öman group will be installing solar panels on a new roof. In full operation,


11 days ago, Balco Project Manager, Keith Seaton successfully cycled the length of Great Britain with two of his friends, Neil Bradbury & Eddie Kohler. By cycling from Lands End

New graphics profile gives us a creative framework

As we grow, there is a need for a uniform graphical expression that is easily accessible. We have therefore chosen to update and adjust our graphics design language. We’re happy

Cycling the length of Great Britain to raise funds for St Ann´s Hospice

We’re proud to announce that Keith Seaton, Project Manager at Balco UK, is going to cycle the length of Great Britain to raise money for St Ann’s Hospice in Manchester!

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