Levitate is an ideal solution for new builds

Levitate is the simplest and safest balcony system Balco have developed to date. It originates from our Danish market where a previous version of the system has widely been in use for the inner city of Copenhagen. That system is now fully developed and for use within the UK and Balco ́s other European markets.

Levitate’s unique modular construction allows our installation teams to maximise efficient use of Site plant, combining quality and accuracy with speed and safety.

The Levitate balcony system is an ideal solution for new builds developments.

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Safe and efficient installation

One of the key benefits of the Levitate system, is that the first part of the installation process can be carried out from the scaffold, where stub-connectors are installed to enable façade works to take place uninterrupted. This is followed by the fitting of the Levitate arms as the scaffold is being struck, ensuring no additional duration in the scaffolding programme.

The balcony then slides easily on to the Levitate arms and automatically locks into place.

Unique construction

The foundation of Levitate is the sturdy slab, featuring a steel frame and cassette of aluminium with the flooring fitted on top. Concrete floor tiles come as standard but aluminium decking is also available.

Levitate comes with controlled drainage, including a drip edge which prevents water from cascading onto the balcony below and causing any potential issues.

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Levitate – in detail


We offer a range of balustrades in different styles for the Levitate balcony system. Vertical bar balustrades of aluminium or steel are popular options. Whereas a frameless structural glass offers minimalist styling and an uninterrupted view from the balcony. For a completely unique finish, classic RAL colours can be chosen for the handrails and vertical bars, while the glass options can be tinted or coloured.


Lightweight aluminium vertical bar


Traditional steel bar balustrade


Lightweight aluminium framed glass balustrade


Pure glass balustrade

Floor tiles

Levitate comes with a floor of non-combustible concrete tiles, which are both easy to maintain and durable. If a softer aesthetic is preferred, we offer our own aluminium decking which comes in a range of RAL options.


Concrete tiles



Aluminium floor



Levitate has controlled drainage which directs the flow of water to a drip edge at the front of the balcony, preventing rainwater from dripping from one floor to another. Piped drainage is optional and can ensure the flow of water is managed via the rainwater pipe.


Controlled drainage


Piped drainage


When using concrete tiles, the balcony system is available as standard in twenty-one different sizes. Choose between seven different widths and three depths, each in convenient increments of 400mm. Bespoke sizes are available by using the optional aluminium decking.

Levitate Standard dimensions

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