Glazed balconies

Your best investment

Creates room for life: Creates room for life: Balco’s glazed system enables bigger balconies. User friendliness increases and the home gets a wonderful added dimension.

Protects the facade: The lifespan of a glazed balcony from Balco extends over 50 years, and with some maintenance, up to 90 years compared with an unprotected concrete slab on an open balcony. Glazed balconies don’t just protect the facade, they also reduce the need for maintenance of windows and doors.

Reduces noise: Glazing provides an effective shield against traffic and other disruptive noise. Integrated glazing from Balco cuts noise levels by up to 20 dB.

Improves indoor climate: Glazed balconies heat the air before it enters the apartments. This has the effect of improving the thermal indoor climate.

Lets in the light: With the right design, glazing can make both the balcony and the apartment lighter. The positioning of the balcony, angle and materials used help capture the light.

Benefits of Balco Glazed balconies

Benefits of Balco

Reduces energy costs: Glazed balconies reduce the property’s heating costs by up to 20 percent.

Increases comfort: Glazed balconies get more use and contribute to greater comfort and less moving about.

Boosts value: Glazed balconies enhance the attractiveness of the property and apartments. This helps boost the market value, making the investment profitable in the long term.

Improves security: Since residents spend a lot of time on their glazed balconies, it means there’s a greater presence in the area around the properties, which reduces the risk of vandalism.