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Balco is the market leader in open and glazed balcony systems. Contact one of our sellers to get fast, personalized service.


Balco Balcony Systems Ltd

The Wagon House, Prockters Farm

West Monkton, Taunton TA2 8QN, United Kingdom

Phone +44 (0)2036 871020

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We who work at Balco.

UK Team

Keith Seaton Balco

Keith Seaton

Acting Managing Director

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Balco Personnel Pernell Vernon

Pernell Vernon

Director of UK Sales

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Ian Lewis Balco

Ian Lewis

Divisional Director

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Eric Murray Balco UK

Eric Murray

Regional Sales Manager - North

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George Hardy Balco UK

George Hardy

Business Development Manager

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Francis Whelan Balco Balcony

Francis Whelan

Senior Project Manager

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Craig O

Craig O’Connor

Project Manager

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Ryan Cape Balco UK

Ryan Cape

Project Manager

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Sanan Yarhollahi Balco UK

Sanan Yarollahi

Lead Engineer

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Sam Rickwood Balco Balconies

Sam Rickwood

Junior Design Engineer

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