Join Balco at TAI 2019

Balco are proud to be exhibiting at the TAI 2019, Cardiff. This years conference will give you access to our keynote speakers, and specialist workshops, based around this year’s theme: our homes, our people, our future. Meet us here 1 – 2 May. 

Balco has its production in modern and efficient premises at the Swedish headquarters in Växjö. The production is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2, making Balco unique in the industry. It involves a high level of quality throughout all areas of production and to Balco takes great respect for the environment. The production is used only electricity coming from renewable sources..

We are therefore happy to help you through the whole construction process, from the first tentative questions to the final warranty inspection. High quality and our years of experience combined with sound and solid finances make us a reliable and stable partner.



You´ll find more information about TAI 2019 here.

Meet Balco in May

Balco will help you find the perfect balcony solution for your property. With over 30 years of experience in helping tenant-owner associations to find the right balcony, we know our balcony. We are there from your first idea to approved final inspection.

Want to know more about us or our balconies? Do the balconies in your property need renovation? You can meet us in May, see the dates below. Click on a date to get more information.

Are we not coming to your city in May? Contact one of our salesmen here and schedule an appointment.

Balco wishes everyone a happy Easter – three spring tips for your balcony

Balco wishes everyone a happy Easter! In Balco’s Easter eggs you will find three tips on how to get your balcony ready for the warmer days ahead.

Put color on your balcony and mix different textures

Go for the addition of colorful details such as patterned and colorful pots for a lovely color click on the balcony. Choose details with different textures to renew without having to replace all of the interior on the balcony.

Create a green oasis

Another effective way to get the balcony ready for spring and summer is to plant different kind of plants. Mix green and colorful plants to easily create interesting contrasts. If you have a balcony with a lot of surface, you can use pallet collars to grow both flowers and spices (do not forget to protect the bottom so that the floor or balcony mat is destroyed). Do you have a balcony of the smaller kind? Take advantage of the height instead. Stack wooden boxes at the height so you can put plants both in and on top of the box to create greenery at different levels on the balcony. Another trick is to acquire a flower staircase or inflorescence with room for several pots. Do you have children or pets? Remember not to staple the boxes too high so they become possible to climb on.

Light up the summer evenings

Even though the summer usually offers bright summer evenings, it may be good to have light sources on the balcony. Balco likes the lamps that have solar cells a little extra, these are nicer to the environment and the electricity bill. Another plus is that these lamps do not carry as much fire hazard as candles. If you have an open balcony, you can use a light loop that you simply wrap around the balcony railing.

Why do we perform impact tests?

Balco’s development department regularly perform safety tests on our products to ensure the appropriate industry criteria is met.

At Balco we want our customers to feel safe when they choose Balco’s Balconies. We may be crazy about balconies but we’re serious about keeping our customers safe. Want to know more about how and why we test our products? Watch the video clip below and see it in action.

If you have any questions contact our sales team here.