The balco process

End-to-end solutions

We manage your entire project from conception to completion, supporting you through every phase of delivery.


Now the design work begins. Because although the balconies may look identical, each balcony design is in fact unique. That’s why thorough calculations are made of fixings and other technical details to customise the balcony to the appropriate dimension requirements, which vary depending on the position of the balcony. The data compiled is processed and technical drawings are produced. Two- and three-dimensional drawings are made of the complete balcony, including each individual feature. Production is prepared and approved drawings with detailed instructions are compiled for installation purposes.

2. Design and quotation

Following the consultation, our in-house structural engineers provide the calculations and
technical details from which production drawings are created. The production drawings
incorporate every aspect of the construction process, including installation.

3. Manufacturing

The entire production process takes place in one of our state-of-the-art facilities in
accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2, making us unique within our
industry. This ensures we achieve the highest levels of quality, in an environmentally
responsible way.

4. Delivery

The timeline for production and delivery are coordinated centrally by our project team. Once
all components are ready, the balconies are assembled at our facility, then delivered to your
site – ready for installation by our team.

5. Installation

The balconies are expertly installed by our team of specialist fitters, overseen by an
experienced installation manager. For efficiency and to minimise disruption to trades or
residents, our team install all balconies from the outside of the building.