The balco process

From concept to reality

Carrying out a balcony project is a major undertaking. In a tenant-owner association, there are lots of preferences and ideas to consider, and someone needs to be responsible for seeing the project through to completion.
So, in order to make things easier for our customers, we’ve created what we call the Balco Process. It means that we support you through each phase of the project, from the initial ideas stage to completion of the warranty inspection. We manage all the requirements and regulations associated with a balcony renovation project, while ensuring that you get the solution you want.
The Balco Process begins the first time our sales representatives come into contact with you as a customer to find out more about your needs and preferences. And it doesn’t end until your new balconies are in place and you are satisfied.

Advice, presentation and visualisation

We start by agreeing on the balcony’s design, colour and which materials are to be used. Then we draw up a rough schedule and quotation. Normally we also produce a photomontage to give an idea of what the balcony solution will look like on the existing facade. We organise a viewing to enable all the residents to come and look at the proposed solution, which makes it easier for the association to decide. Once we have come to an agreement, Balco is responsible for applying for planning permission, and once this has been approved, the initial phase is complete and the project is handed over to one of our project managers.


Now the design work begins. Because although the balconies may look identical, each balcony design is in fact unique. That’s why thorough calculations are made of fixings and other technical details to customise the balcony to the appropriate dimension requirements, which vary depending on the position of the balcony. The data compiled is processed and technical drawings are produced. Two- and three-dimensional drawings are made of the complete balcony, including each individual feature. Production is prepared and approved drawings with detailed instructions are compiled for installation purposes.


All production takes place in modern and efficient premises at our Swedish headquarters in Växjö, and at our plant in Poland. Our production process is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2 standards, making Balco unique in our industry. This means we maintain a high level of quality throughout the production stage, and that we consider environmental impact at every step. To ensure our high level of quality and delivery performance, we also continually invest in machinery and expertise.

Delivery and installation

When all the components are ready, they are assembled. They are then delivered to your property, where work is already underway. All old balconies and railings will have been dismantled and the facade renovated as required. One or two construction meetings will likely also have taken place. We will have gone through all the details together and produced an accurate schedule. Naturally, the residents are given information about when the work will be carried out. The balconies are installed by specialist fitters under the leadership of an installation manager. Balco installs all its balconies from the outside, which means residents avoid having fitters working in their apartments.

Final inspection and satisfied customers

Once all the balconies have been installed, we carry out a final inspection and when everything has been approved, the construction process is complete. Balco offers a five-year warranty. The association and the buildings get a new lease of life, and the residents a wonderful place to enjoy for most of the year.