Decreased use of aluminium crucial for the environment

The life cycle assessments (LCAs) carried out together with the consulting firm Tyréns in 2019 and 2020 showed that the company’s biggest negative impact on the climate comes from its consumption of aluminium. As aluminium is a key component of Balco AB’s product solutions, reduced consumption could therefore have a major bearing on the company’s climate impact.

This realisation led to extensive work which has already borne fruit in a number of measures, explains Balco AB’s CEO, Camilla Ekdahl.

– “From the beginning of the year, Balco AB switched to Hydro REDUXA, which is a type of aluminium produced from renewable energy sources and with new energy-saving production technology. The production method reduces CO2e emissions by 50% compared to the previous manufacturing process.”

The life cycle assessments have prompted a rethink on the product side too.

– “As part of a design change that focuses on sustainability, Balco AB has developed a brand-new balcony window, the TwinView, in which we have managed to replace parts of the aluminium profile with glass. This reduces the aluminium used in the door by as much as 12 percent. The first TwinView project was delivered in Q1 2021.”

“The actions taken in the past year have strengthened our green profile, but work to reduce our climate impact still further will of course continue,” says Camilla Ekdahl, CEO of Balco AB.

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