High quality concrete gives Balco the highest award

This year, Balco’s balcony concrete slabs were awarded the highest rating by the Swedish Byggvarubedömningen. The reason for this is that Balco continuously work towards new goals and the highest quality. Our sustainable production process is thoroughly planned and thought through. Environmental issues are also an important part of our work and our ISO certifications (SO 9001 and ISO 14001) are highly valued.

The balcony slabs are cast in Balco’s own production in Växjö, Sweden. This enables us to guarantee the quality of the balcony slabs under completely different conditions than if they were produced on site. In addition to internal controls, we also prefer that independent external parties evaluate our products in order to ensure that we maintain a high standard.

Byggvarubedömningen is one independent body that evaluates Balco’s products. It is a financially independent association which, among other things, works to ensure that the products used in today’s construction industry contain no harmful chemicals. They also want to see that companies work out a socially sustainable perspective in their production.

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