Balco helps customers improve their energy efficiency

Balco is moving to a new level and has hired an energy strategist, thus taking a major step towards helping our customers with sustainability issues. Nisse Larsson, who is to take on the new role, will work mainly on energy-saving measures in customers’ properties.

Energy strategist

Balco is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of glazed and open balconies. Since the company was founded in 1987, a lot has happened. Today we operate in eight countries, have over 500 employees, and our main customers are tenant owners’ associations, rental properties and building contractors. Now our business is growing further with the addition of an energy strategist – a completely new role with us at Balco. 

Improve their energy efficiency

Nisse Larsson will lead the strategic energy work – creating a comprehensive view of the customer’s property and its energy needs. He will help our customers improve their energy efficiency and follow up on the results. Nisse has extensive experience in the field and has worked successfully on energy optimization involving numerous properties throughout Sweden.

Helping Balco’s customers become more climate-smart

“Balco offers the customer a comprehensive solution and takes care of the whole project,” says Nisse. Our starting point is the property’s maintenance plan: we review its needs and the options for the relevant property. The areas we work on have traditionally been balconies and facades, but now we are adding other things like solar cells and ventilation optimization to what we offer. We can also help with measurements relating to individual metering and billing, which involves us measuring the consumption of hot water and domestic electricity at apartment level. 

“I’m really looking forward to helping Balco’s customers become more climate-smart,” says Nisse.

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Balco is the market leader in an industry where we develop, manufacture, sell and are responsible for the installation of our own manufactured open and glazed balcony systems. Our balcony systems are used in new builds, renovations and to upgrade existing balconies. Our broad customer segment includes tenant-owner associations, municipal housing companies, private property owners, architects and developers. Our headquarters and in-house production facilities are in the Småland city of Växjö in southern Sweden, and we have subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

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