3 tips for your balcony

Spring is finally here, which means that many people will start to spend more time on their balconies. As the days are getting warmer and the evenings longer, we want to share some of our top tips to refresh and maximise your balcony. Please enjoy our tips for your balcony and let the sun shine all summer.

1. Mix colour and texture to brighten the space

Colourful plants pots paired with patterned outdoor textiles such as cushions and blankets can create a bright and cosy outdoor living space. Experimenting with different textures can give additional warmth and character without needing to decorate or replace furniture. Investing in some colourful tableware, such as glasses, plates and tablecloths can help to create an inviting place to sit, eat and drink throughout the day and into the evening.

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Create a mini oasis on your balcony.

2. Create a mini oasis

Another effective way to refresh your balcony is to add an assortment of plants. Mixing greenery with more colourful flowering plants in the Spring / Summer, can quickly create an oasis to enjoy from both inside and outside.

If you have a balcony with plenty of floor space, you can use large pots or boxes to grow flowers and herbs (always ensure to protect the floor from damp with plates under plant pots). If you have a smaller balcony, take advantage of the height instead. You can stack small crates vertically and put plants both in and on top of the box to create greenery at different levels on the balcony. Another trick is to use hanging planters, or tall standing planters to utilise minimal space. Do you have children or pets? Remember not to use anything that is easy to climb.

When choosing plants, consider the direction your balcony is facing and also whether your balcony is open or glazed – this will help you pick plants that will thrive in that environment.

3. Light-up your evenings

Spring and Summer will bring extended hours of sunlight, resulting in many long evenings to sit on your balcony. Using carefully selected lighting can create a lovely atmosphere on your balcony late into the evening. Solar powered lamps or fairy lights are a fantastic alternative to electric lighting, as they charge during the day, ready to come to life at night – with no added bill! Another plus is that these lamps are environmentally friendly and do not pose a fire hazard like candles or electricity.

We hope these smart tips for your balcony inspire you to get creative and spend lots of time on your balcony this Spring!

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